Canon EOS Rebel T6s Shutter Life

The 760D was announced together with the EOS 750D. It is very similar to the 750D, but adds the following features: A LCD information display on top of the body, a feature never before available in the EOS xxxD/Rebel digital line. The last previous consumer-level body with an LCD display was the 35mm film-era EOS 3000N/Rebel XS N; A quick control dial on the rear of the body, also a first for the xxxD/Rebel digital line; Servo AF (autofocus) in live view mode, allowing for continuous autofocus during shooting bursts. (The 750D/T6i only supports Servo AF when using the optical viewfinder.) Both 750D and 760D camera uses advance Hybrid CMOS AF III sensor and a 19 point AF phase module sensor, The Hybrid Sensor AF system gets activated when a users switch to live view shooting or records a video. All of the current Canon EF Lenses are compatible with the Canon latest Hybrid AF sensor and will do AF perfectly without an issue.

— Wikipedia
Canon EOS Rebel T6s shutter rated lifespan is 100000 actuations.
Shutter count histogram.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this histogram shows?
This shutter count histogram shows how many known camera bodies have reached some particular shutter count values. On vertical axis there are shutter count ranges and on horizontal there are body counts within them.
Where's this data coming from?
This shutter count histogram was created with data acquired via the ShutterCheck application. All data points were collected in an automated way from users who have opted-in into sharing of anonymous shutter life data of their cameras.
What's the purpose of this graph?
This shutter count histogram was created with the desire to give people better estimates of shutter life of their cameras beyond dry numbers of shutter rated lifespan. As you probably heard of, most cameras usually live longer than guaranteed by their vendor, sometimes even much longer. That’s why I collected here a real-world shutter count data, so you be able to make more informed decisions about your camera gear.